Prepreg Materials

Pre-impregnated materials (prepregs) are reinforcement fibres or fabrics into which a pre-catalysed resin system has been impregnated by a machine. The resin systems in these materials react very slowly at room temperature, giving rise to working times of many days or months. Prepreg resins can only be fully cured by heating them to the prescribed cure temperature. The accuracy of the machinery used to combine the fabric or fibre with the resin ensures that laminates produced from prepregs have more consistent and higher fibre contents than can be achieved by wet lay-up techniques. This allows the use of very tough, strong resin systems that would be too high in viscosity to be impregnated by hand.

SPRINT™ Materials

SPRINT™ materials consist of 1 or 2 layers of fibre reinforcement combined with a pre-cast, pre-catalysed resin film. The material therefore has the appearance of dry reinforcement, which has resin concealed at its centre. SPRINT™ materials are produced by a process that differs from conventional prepreg so that the fibres in the reinforcements remain dry and un-impregnated by the resin. SPRINT™ materials are laid up in a mould and vacuum bagged as for conventional prepreg. However, when the vacuum is applied, the air transport properties of the dry reinforcement enable air trapped in the fibre bundles and between layers to be easily removed. When the temperature is then raised for the cure, the resin film softens and flows into the air-free reinforcement. The void content of the resultant laminate is extremely low (typically 0-0.5%).

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75 Range

High performance system
Versatile fast curing from 70 to 120°C
Optimised handling and out life for large structure manufacture

35 mins at 120°C

12 hrs at 70°C

Vacuum Bagging


Race boats
Agricultural booms
Super yachts
Commercial boat components
Production boat components
Wind Turbines

90 Range

Fast curing system for large industrial composite structures.
Available in prepreg and semi-preg formats
Optimised for heavy weight glass and carbon reinforcements (300 – 1800gsm)

12 hrs at 70°C
45 mins at 120°C

Vacuum Bagging


140 Range

SE 140

High performance fast curing systems for press and autoclave applications
Flow controlled to produce high quality parts with high cosmetic finish
Hot in Hot Out (HiHo) capability without post cure in

Press: HiHo 10 mins at 135°C

Autoclave: 20 mins at 135°C

Vacuum Bagging

Press Moulding


Car body panels
Cosmetic parts
Structural components
Medical prosthetics

180 Range

Press: HiHo 5 mins at 150°C


130 FR

Non halogen fire retardant system capable of meeting stringent fire standards.
Fast curing and optimised with ancillary products to manufacture high quality monolithic and sandwich structures at lowest total manufacturing cost

6 hrs at 85°C
45 mins at 120°C

Press Moulding
Vacuum Bagging


Rail exterior structures and panels
Commercial marine panels
Civil engineering structures

Gurit SPRINT™ – an Advanced Prepreg

Gurit Prepregs Success Stories

Neo 570c

Case Study

Neo 570C

The Neo 570c project commenced in earnest in 2019. Working with longtime partner and Gurit distributor Resintex, the NEO team selected a full complement of Gurit products to achieve the weight savings needed, opting for a full prepreg carbon fiber hull, deck, structure and interior.


Case Study


Baltic Yachts drew on their 48 years of design and building experience to create a full composite boat, with a glass hull and full carbon deck. From concept right through each of the build stages, they worked in conjunction with Gurit Engineering and materials supply to realise their vision. Using Gurit epoxy SPRINT™ and Corecell™ M foam, Baltic were able to produce a strong, lightweight structure with a significant performance edge.

Urban Automotive

Case Study

Urban Automotive

Urban Automotive are creators and modifiers of some of the most exclusive vehicles on the planet, using industry leading techniques to tailor bespoke vehicles for their clientele. They elected to feature Gurit’s SFP (Short Fibre Prepreg) in the manufacture of their carbon fibre parts, due to its distinctive cosmetic finish.

carbon4stack by Voith and Gurit

Case Study

Carbon4Stack by Voith and Gurit

“The Voith Roving Applicator NextGen brings the manufacturing of composite material to an all new level. It is a very innovative way to process CFRP material which is flexible, automated and offers an impressively high quality. Our pilot customers are delighted, and so are we.”

Piet Heydorn, Gurit Technical Sales Manager EMEA

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